12783918_993392230741673_877114344_aKeeping the Tradition alive…

My grandmother Jeanne passed along the craft of knitting to me when I was in middle school in the early 1990’s. She attempted to pass along her crochet skills, but at the time I never quite caught on to the mechanics of it.

Zoom forward to 2009. With a baby girl on the way, I picked up a crochet hook and some yarn and attempted to make an afghan for my new arrival before she was born. A few weeks later I was finished with my afghan and hooked on crochet.

As my skills increased, thanks to The Crochet Crowd (http://www.crochetcrowd.com/ ) I ventured into making stuffed animals as well as trying my hands at scarves, socks, and more afghans.

In 2010 I donated what pieces I had made to The Crochet Crowd’s baby blanket charity project as well as a local chapter of Project Linus.

In 2016, I decided to relaunch my etsy.com store as “Third Floor Yarn Works” since my former shop had a similar name to another shop online. Hopefully this reboot of my business will spark new life into what was and has been a great source of enjoyment for me.

Patty Gordon

Owner, Third Floor Yarn Works