3 Ways Owning Yarn Will Change Your Life

The yarn types that are most commonly found in your local craft stores are made of made of wool, cotton, or acrylic.  The “big box” craft stores tend to carry more cotton and acrylic due to their use in most readily available patterns out there and you can find better quality wool yarns in specialty shops or on the internet.

So why is owning yarn going to change your life?

It’s proven that working on yarncrafts is beneficial to your health.  I posted an article from Lion Brand on this a few days ago.  I’ve always felt happy when I was crocheting, but there are real medical benefits to relaxing and working with yarn!

Making yarn items (either knitting or crochet) is a great way to do charity work.  While I am one to lend a hand when someone needs it, I’ve never really felt compelled to do community service on a large scale.  I’m not a habitat for humanity type of girl and cleaning up trash on the side of the road isn’t my thing, but I got a great kick out of donating blankets to Project Linus and some other charities that donate the blankets to children’s hospital and NICU wards.

I had received a knit hat for my daughter when she was in the NICU and it wasn’t until I was donating items a few months later that I realized where those hats were coming from!

While you’re benefiting your health and doing charity work, if you get online you become part of this great community of crafters who are genuinely concerned about you!  I’ve never met more welcoming people in my life.  I’ve had a blast meeting new people and the group of The Crochet Crowd who goes on a Crochet Cruise together every year looks to be like a great crowd.  [This is on my bucket list, one item I’m sure my husband would be mortified to attend.]

Before I owned yarn, I had a great life, don’t get me wrong, but since I’ve started to work my hook and yarn, a whole new world has opened up to me and changed me forever!



One thought on “3 Ways Owning Yarn Will Change Your Life

  1. mommyoutnumbered says:

    This is great! I agree with everything here. Even though I am not that good at crocheting, it makes me relax (I used to love doing it when I was pregnant especially) and I tend to get along with my mom better when we talk about crochet projects too! I will share this on my Piterest 🙂


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