What I’m doing when I’m not crocheting…

As much as I’d like to say that I can crochet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…sometimes life gets in the way.  I’ve got two kids to take care of and a hubby to spend time with.  So what am I doing when I’m not crocheting?

Lately we’ve been on a motorcycle riding kick.  Dirt bikes I should say.  My husband and I rode when we first started dating he got me from a non-rider to someone who could hold their own on a black diamond trail. [If you’re a ski-ier or a snowboarder, think of the trail ratings for a ski mountain.  Dirt bike trails are rated the same way: green circle, blue square and black diamond.]  Amazingly enough both my little ones (age 5 & 3) are learning to ride.  My son has training wheels and my daughter recently took hers off.  We’ve spent 5 out of the last 6 Saturdays out riding, which actually gives me a little time to crochet because my hubby runs around after the kids and I get to relax.

What else am I doing?

Going to birthday parties.  When your kids get to school age it’s a right of passage to have a million birthday invites come into your inbox.  We are usually pretty selective on who’s parties we go to, but at that age it’s almost a must to take your kids if that person’s kid has been to your party.  We’ve done a few Chucky Cheese parties and a few pump it up which on average are a two hour commitment.

Lastly…I’ve started a Mommy Blog called I Am Zoe Watson (iamzoewatson.com).  I love writing on this blog so much that I’ve started a Mommy Blog so I can keep this one 99% about business stuff and the other one 99% about all the kid antics and mommy humor.

Anyway, the creative juices on my crochet part of my brain are still flowing and I hope to have some new pieces up shortly but the summer vacation is coming soon and I may have less time with two free hands than I’d like.  Hopefully I won’t get too far behind.



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