Toolbox Tuesday – Fantail Stitch

business stay at home (1)This morning I was looking at a pattern that I’ve been toying with for weeks now and finally decided to scrap the project I was working on and recycle the yarn into the fantail stitch.  It’s nothing really complicated when you look at the pattern, but it makes for what is going to be a great baby blanket!

MarleyBird is great at showing you the pattern from a chart and posted links to the written pattern as well so either way you can figure out this stitch.

I’m already about 10 rows into this pattern and I’ll post a picture of it later today on instagram, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy adding this stitch pattern to your crochet tool box.

What’s your favorite new crochet stitch?  Be sure to post a link to it so I can try it out!


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