What is it like to run a business and be a stay at home mom?

When I decided to rebrand my shop into a more professional presence on the internet I also took on a lot more responsibility.  Production, marketing, and sales are automated through my Etsy shop Third Floor Yarn Works, but time management still is a struggle for me.

Right now my inventory (works in progress) list is long due mostly to the unpredictable nature of having a 5 year old (Bootsie) and a 3 year old (Boogie).  As I write this post I’m in between kindergarten drop off and pick up with a shopping list to fulfill and a house to clean and dinner to plan.  It’s quite the task to get it all done, but as long as I’m slightly flexible with my production schedule, I can fit blogging, posting, and other internet activities into the calm moments of my day.

As far as production goes: Today I will crochet for about 30 minutes during school pick up.  I already have my project packed and ready to go and while I know I won’t finish the whole thing today, I have enough time to get a good jump on the thing.  I’m working on a flower hexagon project that got messed up due to my mistake.  Repairing it is far more complicated than it should be, but once I get a few spots fixed it should come together nicely.

After pick up there is a shopping trip and then home to do a quick photo shoot of a Charlie Brown themed cowl that I needed to do last week, but never got a chance to.  I’m hoping that I can get it listed today.  I need a little more traffic on my site although I’ve had pretty good stats lately.

The only hurdle I have to get passed today is getting this done before anyone has a meltdown.  Meltdowns make working impossible.

What’s your biggest struggle with working and family?


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