#Friday5: Hat patterns you should try

One of the first things you try after learning basic crochet stitches for flat scarf or blanket patterns is hats.  The are probably the most requested crochet item after the two flat pieces I mentioned.  The following patterns are great for all ages to keep it interesting.

  1. YARDSALEEasy DIY Crochet Hats – 2 Ways using the single crochet stitch  – Everyone needs a simple hat pattern to try.
  2. lael Viking Crochet Hat Pattern – I made one of these for my hubby. He loved it! This is a little more complicated due to the 3-D horns, but if you follow the directions it’s not that hard to get them on the hat.
  3. Danyel Pink Designs: Free Crochet pattern – Dinosaur Spikes Hat. I’ve done a stuffed animals with spikes but never thought of a hat until I saw this!   Tis would be great for a little boy or make a few as cat ears for a little girl!
  4. Crochet Baseball Cap by Bowtykes – Craftsy Baseball hats are timeless and can be made in any color and any size. With or without a flower!


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