Why I’m Not Clebrating St. Patrick’s Day This Year

Now before you make a huge judgement against me claiming that I’m un- American or un-Irish, take a moment and consider this:  I’m in the middle of using up all my stash of yarn.  This means that what I’m making and selling has solely to do with what happens to already be in my house.Why I'm NOT CELEBRATING St. Patrick'sDay This Year

In said stash, lies the problem.  There happens to be only a partial skein of green, left over from a misguided Christmas project which has been recycled, to be used.  Thinking ahead about what I’m using and what I’m planning to buy, this Kelly Green Red Heart Yarn would be perfect for a clover necklace from Naztazia.com or a green top hat baby outfit by HatsandSpats, but it happens to be set aside for a project.

This is why I’m not celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Don’t worry.  I’ve already set aside a few listings that would make great Easter Presents for the girlfriends wives, mothers in your life:

So while you’re celebrating your way through St. Patrick’s Day, make sure to click on over to the Third Floor Yarn Works Etsy Shop and pick something up for Easter.


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