Why Recycling Yarn Makes Sense

Yesterday I continued to cull through my shop inventory trying to make what I have even better.  I haven’t posted any of my hats yet and it’s partly because I can’t figure out how to pose them in a good way for my visitors to see.  When I was going through the stack of them I found one made from Chunky yarn and immediately had a thought:

Why recycling yarn makes senseThis could be a great Charlie Brown something!

You know…the yellow with the black chevron stripes?  So I did what my husband tells me is INSANE and pulled the hat apart and pulled out some scraps left over from the original hat and Infinity Scarf – Crochet – Urban Shells – Chunky Yarn and came up with a yellow with black chevrons cowl!

I even reconfigured a pattern that called for medium worsted weight yarn and made it work with what I had!

Recycling I guess is the technical term for what I did with this yarn.  My intentions right now as I revamp and relaunch the shop is to make the most of what I have before I go out and purchase more supplies.  By doing this cowl, I’ve taken a piece that has been sitting for  while in my stash and made it into something that I think will be a great item.  I would have posted it for sale yesterday, but life got in the way, so keep a look out for a new listing this afternoon when it’s nice and sunny and I can get a picture of my fabulous work!

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