No More Tangles

A few weeks ago I bought my daughter one of those “no tangles” brushes.  You know, that “as seen on tv” brushes that you run through your hair and it doesn’t catch on tangles, it gets them out.  What does a hairbrush have to do with crochet and yarn?  Well simply put, I wish someone would make a magical brush that would untangle my mess of a yarn ball that I somehow always get stuck with.  No matter what I do, somehow at least once a week I get stuck rolling up balls or skeins of yarn.
Last night my struggle was with a bunch of Caron Simply Soft style yarn.  I wish I could say that it was my kids fault, or even the dog’s, but really it’s my own rushing that causes most of my yarn issues.  This bunch of skeins happen to be slippery and thin yarn that is already a little hard for my big hands to work with when it comes straight off the skein.  Trying to straighten out the mess of yarn that I had in my yarn box last night nearly gave me a migraine.

Somehow I got through it and managed to salvage 3 balls of yarn from the mess, but one of those brushes sure would have come in handy.

What’s your best advice on storing yarn? 
I seem to always start off with a good plan but it all seems to fall apart after I work on one or two projects.  Comment and let me know!  I can always use the odd organizational tip!

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