#Friday5: Crochet sites I visit most.

the internet is a big world and even if you know what youre looking for tou might not dind it. Here are some freat crochet or yarn related sites to vist!

5 Crochet Websites
1) The Crochet Crowd — This is the ultimate place to learn to crochet. The youtube videos are amazingly planned out and the added bonus of being able to rewind or rewatch patterns over and over again makes it easy for anyone to learn to crochet. Also, Mikey is amazing when it comes to making everyone feel like they are a part of a great community while providing patterns from the various yarn company websites on the net.

2) Ravelry — I’m not sure what I’d do without this organizational site. Not only can I search for patterns easily by using hook size or yarn type or just a general project type, but keeping track of my works in progress is easy using this friendly database site.

3) Pinterest — I know it’s not specifically a crochet site, but pinterest is the place to go to get creative ideas. The “cork board” approach means that you have a digital version of every idea you’ve ever come up with neatly available on your phone or computer!

4) Herrshners — This is a yarn store online, but they are great for their pricing and even send you “yarn porn” as my hubby calls it in the mail. I strictly shop their sales section and I feel like, even with shipping costs I’m saving myself money.

5) Youtube — When in doubt, search Crochet on youtube and you’ll be amazed at what you can find related to the subject!


Visit the full list on Pinterest!


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