4 easy steps to getting business things done…

This morning I’m feeling so motivated and accomplished that I’ve made a list instead of writing a normal blog post.

  1. Wake up at 4am.  The old addage of the early bird gets the worm is ususally the case when it comes to trying to run a business and having children.  I know some moms who stay up late, but for me, (as I’ve mentioned before) that window between my husband leaving for work and my children needing to get up for school is MY time.  Whether I choose to roll over and go back to sleep or like this morning finish another market bag for the shop, it’s my choice!
  2. Plan it out.  Every business article I’ve read always stresses to have a plan.  Last night, before I went to bed I knew that when I woke up today I had a project to finish and a blog entry to write.  So far I’m two for two of my to-do list and I’m already adding items for my afternoon: Do a photo shoot in the good light. Without a plan, nothing gets done.  I can attest to this.  Right now I have a handful of unfinished projects and until one “clicks” with me, I mull over adding more projects to my list, which is only adding to the problem, not solving my unfinished inventory issues.
  3. Take work with you where ever you go.  I’m not saying that you have to be chained to your work, but if you have 5 minutes you could be using towards your projects, shouldn’t you be?  I’m that crazy lady crocheting in the school pick up line or waiting at the dentists office.  I’m the one who sits with my kids at the park while they play and works on projects between opening fruit snack packs and yelling at the kids about not jumping off the top of the jungle gym.  If you’re dedicated to whatever you’re doing, YOU WILL MAKE TIME FOR IT.
  4. Enjoy it.  If you aren’t having fun, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.  Of course there are some projects that are easier than others, but overall if it’s draining you, is it really something you should be continuing?

Check the shop later for the listing for my newest market bag!



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