Chevron stitch: the hard, easy stitch. AKA the bain of my existence…

For most people crochet blankets mean either a granny square blanket or a chevron stitch. 

As easy as a chevron stitch is, I’m admitting here and now this is probably only my second successful version of the stitch. The middle of the blankets aren’t the issue but the edges that get me.

I’ve noticed as my crochet career has progressed that sometimes even in a quiet room I can’t count to 10 without messing up or I’ll think I’ve done part of a stitch and I won’t have done it.  Even though I’m claiming that I’m finally understanding the chaperones touch…on the one I’m working on now I’ve forgotten some stitches, luckily I caught it quickly!

I feel though now that I’ve gotten the hang of it but I still need to follow a pattern!!!

Have you mastered a difficult task lately? 
Comment and let me know!!!


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