Very Pinterest-ing

Like every other housewife on the planet, I love Pinterest.  In the last few years, my addiction to this fabulous virtual cork board has grown.  I’ve found great DIY tutorials, cleaning tips & tools and most of all, a million and one crochet projects that of course I want to do immediately!

I did a little mock up of the stitch pattern in the I LOVE PINK BLANKET and it looks like it’s going to be a good one, but I can’t start on anything new until I finish the unfinished stuff that is piled in the corner of my clothing closet aka inventory closet.  I have to admit that I’m ashamed of how many unfinished projects are in there right now!

Anyway…24 hours late, I did get the red Star Cubes Infinity Scarf done that I was working on during drop off yesterday.  It’s not the most glamorous picture of my work, but I posted a real glimpse into my life on Instagram:

Gotta love “the front seat of the car craft room background”, right?

I should be adding the red scarf to my listings this afternoon, after I do a quick photo shoot.  I have to catch the light right or it’ll be a big mess to look at.

Off to check the stash in my closet and see if I can tie up any more loose ends…pun intended.

Coming soon…

  • Baby Blanket, Afghan, Lapghan, Playmat – Crochet – Flower Garden – Tulip, Holland, White



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