Will the The Real Craft Lady please stand up?


So at 4am this morning I decided to start this post.

Early, right?

Actually I’d been up for almost 2 hours by then. This is the life of a stay at home mom of two littles (ages 5& 3). I put them to bed at a reasonable hour last night without naps yesterday hoping and praying that they’d sleep through the night. Not only because I need the actual sleep but when hubby goes to work before 5am I have a good interrupted slot of time to crochet before its time to get up for school.

Glamorous life, right?

To say I’m obsessed with crochet right now is an understatement and it’s not just my slight addiction to my iPhone and Internet, the actual creative process gives me a BIG high!

Want to know why?

Because life as a mom is never ending when your kids are tiny. The only pause in action is when they are sleeping but even then you’re planning the next day or week or month or year!

Crafting, crocheting and even blogging is something that I get to start and actually have an end product of. And being proud of the end product goes a long way!

I’m proud of my kids, don’t get me wrong but I probably won’t get to see the end product of my work with them for another 30 years!  Sorry folks but that’s a long time to wait!

So for know I plan and I plot and execute my projects during sleep times and nap times and while the kids watch that popular Disney movie for the 20th time this week.

My work excitement for today will be finishing another Star Cubes Infinity Scarf during morning routine and drop off time in between pajama day at preschool and a possible round of green eggs and ham at kindergarten volunteer hours.

Hope this Thursday finds you well!



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