National Crochet Month Celebration feedly

National Crochet Month Celebration
// Red Heart Blog

As well as National Craft Month, March is also National Crochet Month! To celebrate, Crochetville is having a blog tour called The Crochet Express.

Every day in March, Crochetville will feature 3 crochet designers, a crochet-friendly yarn store, a yarn company (that’s us!), and a daily giveaway. These events will be located in the Crochetville forum discussion and the National Crochet Month Facebook group.

We’re featured on March 9, so make sure you check Crochetville on that day!

Every day the forum discussion and Facebook group will have new content. There will also be Dining Car posts by designer Tammy Hildebrand, who is acting as the train Steward. She will post links to recipes for a daily afternoon drink special and snack, and an entree and dessert for supper.

Crochetville founders Amy Shelton, the Conductor, and Donna Hulka, the Ticket Agent, will post Observation Car posts to get your thoughts about crochet.

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